Canadian Pagan Declaration on Intolerance

Canadian Pagan and Heathen organizations and individuals have come together to speak with one voice.

We, the undersigned, come from diverse polytheistic traditions, but we are in agreement regarding concerns about growing rise of intolerance in Canada. Though intolerance has always existed in Canada, this intolerance has escalated since the 2016 Presidential election in the United States1. Though we respect our neighbours to the South’s ability to self-govern, growing racism, homophobia, transphobia, bigotry, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia are not acceptable nor shall we tolerate them. Within Canada we have seen a number of acts of hatred against marginalized religious communities including the tagging of racist and explicitly Nazi graffiti2 of Mosques, a Church with a Black pastor3, Jewish businesses4, community centres and Synagogues5.

The below organizations and individuals state their complete denunciation of these acts and, of all forms of hatred outside our communities and within.

In this political climate, we wish to specifically state that we stand in solidarity and in support of marginalized religious and spiritual communities which include, but are not limited to, Muslims, Jews, and those practicing Indigenous spirituality. We also look to not just tolerate, but to welcome LGBTQ, Black, Indigenous, and people of colour in our own communities, and the communities in which we live. This statement acknowledges that there is still a lot of work to do but today, we wish to reiterate that we stand united with the most affected by these hateful actions.

We look to work in solidarity with other faith communities, and we will actively disassociate ourselves, refuse to promote or do business with any Pagan group that supports hatred or includes discriminatory policies6.

We, the undersigned, commit ourselves to meaningful public education and solidarity in our communities and beyond. This is with the intention to secure human rights and freedoms, but also to improve and enrich all of the communities in which we live. We encourage all religious and spiritual communities to build bridges and to seek that common ground that binds us in our humanity, rejoicing in the differences that make us unique and in the diversity that enriches us all.

The above declaration has been approved by

108 Organizations


Heathen Freehold Society of British Columbia
Maers Khohias Tribe
Order of Paladins
Chilliwack Wiccan & Pagan Society (Chilliwack)
Njordrs Nook (Courtenay)
Gabriola Healing Arts (Gabriola Island)
Star of the Mountain (Harrison Hot Springs)
Restricted Publishing (New Westminster)
Gjallgard Kindred (Penticton)
Willpath Metaphysical (Prince George)
Kith and Kin (Southern BC)
Drawing Down the Moon (Surrey)
The Wigglian Temple and Tradition (Vancouver)
Wiccan Hearts (Vancouver)
Red Witch Hat Society (Victoria)


Othin Hof Shrine
Crossroads Kindred (Calgary)
Dark Star Tarot and Astrology (Calgary)
Ghost Hunt Alberta (Calgary)
Asatru Kindred of Northern Alberta (Edmonton)
Edmonton Wiccan Seminary (Edmonton)
United Wiccan Fellowship of Alberta (Edmonton)


Congregationalist Wiccan Association of Saskatchewan, Inc.
Three Raven Kindred (Qu'Appelle)


ArdNemeton o Tuathail (Winnipeg)
Boreal Heart Coven (Winnipeg)
House Haardrad (Winnipeg)
Loving Oak Coven (Winnipeg)
Manitoba Goddess Festival (Winnipeg)
Winnipeg Heathens (Winnipeg)


Clann Gealach
Tribal Hearth
Canadian Pagan Spiritualists (Barrie)
Earth and Sky Connection (Barrie)
The Paganfest Series (Barrie)
Firelight Gathering (Curran)
Dancing Lights Grove (Durham Region)
Hail and Horn Gathering (Eganville)
Kaleidoscope Gathering (Eganville)
KornuKopia Gathering (Eganville)
Raven's Knoll (Eganville)
The Huntress Council (Eganville)
The Stag Kings (Eganville)
The Witches' Sabbat at Raven's Knoll (Eganville)
Well & Tree Gathering (Eganville)
Mythwood Campground (Grey County)
Caer LLoer Dyn Coven (Hamilton)
HammerTown Pagan Pub Moot (Hamilton)
Ile Oshunnike (Hamilton)
Sara e Kali (Hamilton)
Wiccan Church of Canada (Hamilton)
Wild Ginger WitchCamp (Honeywood)
Thornhaven Grove (Inkerman)
Wolfsong Gathering (Janetville)
Hwy 43 Pagan Pub Moot (Kemptville)
We'Moon Coven (Kincardine)
White Dog Hearth (Kingston)
Spirits of the Earth Productions (London)
Vindisir Kindred (London)
Wic-Can Fest (Mansfield)
Womynspirit Festival (Mono)
Lake of Oaks Grove (Ottawa)
Raven's Attic (Ottawa)
Red Maple Grove (Ottawa)
Rúnatýr Kindred (Ottawa)
Brimstone & Belladonna (Pembroke)
PrimalForged (Pembroke)
Black Cauldron Coven (Plantagenet)
Four Winds Festival (Ridgetown)
Hearth of Hundr (Sudbury)
Blue Star Canada (Toronto)
Coven of the Giggling Baphomet (Toronto)
Coven of the Wild Rose (Toronto)
Ferðthamen Midgard (Toronto)
NamasteFreund (Toronto)
Tea and Tarot (Toronto)
Toronto Pagan Pub Moot (Toronto)
Wiccan Church of Canada (Toronto)
Wolf Moon Coven (Toronto)


Clann Gealach
Twig and Torc Grove (Bryson/Campbell's Bay)
Coven Feu et Cendres (Montréal)
Crescent Moon School of Magic & Paganism (Montréal)
Golden Birch ProtoGrove (Montréal)
L'Elfe Apothicaire (Montréal)
Montreal Reiki (Montréal)
Mountain City Sabbats (Montréal)
Temple Oracle (Montréal)
The Greenaxe Hearth (Montréal)
The Magical Blend/Le Mélange Magique (Montréal)
Victrix Collective (Montréal)
Greenwood Celtic Shamanic Wicca (Pointe-Claire)
La Petite Fiole (Saint-Étienne-de-Bolton)
Freya and Hecate Coven (Saint-Paul)


United Pagan Collective NB
Pagan Inmate Group - Dorchester Institution (Dorchester)
GFAW: Greater Fredericton Area Witches (Frederiction)


Grove of Nova Scotia Druids
The Happy Hippie Haven
Earth & Sky - The Witching Hour (Halifax)
Earth-Spirit Society of Nova Scotia (Halifax)
The Halifax Regional Municipality Heathen Collective (Halifax)


Hvergelmir Canada


Circle of Ancient Sisters
Druids United Against Intolerance and Fanaticism
Dynion Mwyn- Crmry Church of Wicca
International Pagan Radio
Pagan Federation International
The Asatru Community Inc

The above declaration has been approved by

705 Individuals

Adam Simpson
Jade Pichette
Kerr Cuhulain
Reverend Terrie Brookins
Jessica Kelly
Barry Gougeon
Brendan Roche
Brian Walsh
Khaman Mythwood
Aimee "Amanita" Brooks
Jonathan Wywiorski
Tracey J Summers
JD "Hobbes" Hickey
Rod MacPherson
Jennifer Juniper Birch
Patrick Galipeau
Brendan Myers
Hesser Garcia
Ross Carter
Erik Lacharity
Chantal (Siouxie) Matin
Kelly Burggraaf
Marie-Claude Dufour
Allegonda Heesakkers
Sandi Pallister-Gougeon
Gus Croteau
Kitty Howlett
Jenn Seeley
Stephanie Lupa Bardy
Lindsay Eyton
Len Forman
Rick Piche
Noëlie Liard
Niki Croteau
Ian Norris
Deborah Gordon
Darcy Overland
Angus Cairnie
Rae Lynn Beck
Patrick Labbe
Colleen Souva
Sarah morrison
Gypsy Rose Ravenclaw
Jennifer Brown
Angus Cairnie
Fox Oak
Sierra Forbes
Wendy Starr
Jessica Wilhelm
Ben Stimpson
Rachel Young
Connie Classen
Farrell McGovern
Jeanie Coppe
Lynn Anne Brown
Jacqueline Totten
Karen VanMackelberg
Matthew NM Gulliver
Chelly Couvrette
Lisa Flynn
Evelore Willowsong
Darryl McGlynn
Jacky Bell
Dodie Graham McKay
Moira Hawthorne Copeland
Melanie Pearson
Leo Tischart
Rene Ariens
Tracy Thillmann
Elizabeth McNally
Samantha Van Zetten
Sara Trimarchi
David G.
Charlena Wharrie
Jonathan Wardenhammer
Michael Ehrhardt
Matt Finch
Jacquie Ruddy
Adam Wemp
Sean "Herne" Dillon
Benjamin Mitchell
Jennifer Stewart
Ian Clysdale
Melissa Nyveld
Joshua J. Hayward
Kristin Vardon
Stephen Hergest
Charlene Alexander
Austin Lawrence
Shawn Walker
Myst Dianne Jeffrey
Lynn Vining
Shantelle Watt
Catherine Anderson
Jen Silverhorse
Karla Rawluk
Kathleen Martino
Julia Coombs
Terry Wyatt
Barbara Comstock
Paulie Duhaime
Wendy Oakley
Sheena Mac Isaac
Belinda Fillier
Debbi Hutch
Lisa Greenberg
Mistery Mitchell
Ellen Cotter
Phaedra Beauvais
Michelle Hrynyk
Christopher Kelly-Bisson
Jaime Cadorette
Amanda Daoust
Amanda Wallace
Robert Rudachyk
Clay Moss
Tina Ouellette
Michelle Forrest Brooke
Debra Gehring
Brandi-Ann McAuliffe
Katherine Bitney
Maxime Cossette
Janet Pagnotta
Wynter Owlguardian
b! WILDer
Daedryn Young
Deb Shea
Nan McFadgen
Meighen Stinson
Stephanie Bielefeld
Maxine Bennett
Jennifer Fisher
Jean Lafleur
Lorraine Christian
Maranda Ortega
Sean Johnson
Ashley Westhaver
Anne Norcia
Cydnee Highfield
Galen Wheeler
Monique Boulanger
Sandra Cooper
Sue Davis
Raven Blaze
Pat Squires
K Taliesin
Michelle Cheverie
Melissa Glabay
John Huculiak
Cindy Lewis
Patricia Cartwright
Travis Morrow
Kat Jarvis
Alyson Fitzpatrick
Dylan Madeley
Amélie St-Aubin
Jennifer Christie
Elizabeth Dyer
Alyssa Gervais
Summer Hansell
Barry Peterson
Annie Langlois
Tracey Valade
Jessica Brown
Kelly Kat
Liliane Guérin
Christopher Silas Earl Randell
Evelyn Pigott-Washington
Robin Roberta Milner
Mark Stranacher
Alexandra Côté-Sévigny
Carole Richard
Heather W
Ryan MacDonald
John Perrault
Christophe Henquin
Paul Niziol
Eric Murdoch
Jeffrey Johnson
Maurice Byers
Alicia Parrott-Barros
Tara Wallace
Tracey Braun
Christina Graham
Janice Nutter
Kate Jennings
Hunter Rodgers
Joanne Allgoewer
Morrigane Feu
LéAmber Kensley
Rebecca Wilson
Erin Bottrell
Luke Nelson
Maia Dillon
Lizzie Dyer
Karin (Raya) Schaefer
Brendan Myers
Yannik Déry
Allison Armstrong
Myriam Anouk Augereau
Catherine Corriveau-Gariépy
Aodann An T Sionnaich
Marc Beaumier
Erika Wood
Lisa Crandall
Lyne Hamel
Kent McLeod
Annie Bedard
Geneviève Labbé
Geneviève Diamond
Rachel Young
Tamara Bignell
Dawn Potter
Christina Boyd-Scarfe
Renee Wagner
Morgan DuFord
Kieran Patterson
René L'Archevêque
Marie Bergsma
Cate Ravenson
Anita Richard-Webb
Paul Selvey
Debbie Glover
Kim Fenix Liard
Jaimie Cann Conde
Sabina Becker
Austin Freyríkr Wong
Kimberly Hornby
G. Thomson
Jonne King
Martine Huneault
Melissa Keindel
Candice Widdifield
Christine Hawes
Lodestar Hearth
Georgia Jno-Finn
Keenan Viau
Sarah Rogers
Melanie Boisvert
Lynna Landstreet
Nina Fasquel
Catherine Starr
Jennifer Misquith
Cat Ashton
Mickilus (Micki) L.M. Laramie-Belcourt
Robyn Stroll
Cory Dunham
Mae Greyfrost
Nelson Ing
Tim Foster of Helmut's Forge
Barb Krieger
Renee Webster
Ani Greenwood
Angel Zimmerman
Elissa Baltzer
Heather Marshall
Isabeau Landry
Nadia Lessard Labrie
Lori Ladouceur
Runa Pigden
Stan Burdick
Kadri Lawrence
Natasha Durelle
Douglas DeMerchant
Travis Burdick
Alex Del Busso
Lorne Cooper
Glen Miller
Pierre Foisy
Cheryl-ann Harling
Tom Watkins
Hajni G. Selby
Jordan Ellis
Shehzad Bandukda
Kimberly Coley
Donald Gagnon
Dan C. Guthrie
Barry Greybeard
Julie Mercier
Renee LaFortune
T. Scarlet Jory
Carol Roy
Kerry Gallagher
Natalie Dion
Shelby Dolan
Taleen Cahoon
Brigitte Laplante
Chay D Angel
Kendra Sevenko
Marc Duguay
Andrew Jennings
Cindy Ramsay
Breanna Roy
Marie Donaldson
Bonnie Milner
Cory Arsenault
Leah-Mary McGow
Sandie Older
Tony Swinton-Lee
Jeffrey Lynn Damon
Aspasia Bissas
Drew Thomson
John L.
Marie-josee Henley
Fabiola Metellus
Karen and Evan Dales
Traci Goertzen
Brent W (Brendan) Thompson
Wes Renaud
Tania Massia
Shari Storms
Victoria D'Alessandro
Terah Li Keller
Janet McCulloch
Russell Heitzmann
Louise Godwin
Cassidy Taylor
Pierre F Salomon Du Mont
Brad Wilson
Renée Thompson
Violet Redekop
Lydia Del Bianco
Amity Loyce
Lisa Pitre-Larose
Laurie Stewart
B Scott
Isabelle Normand-Dubreuil
John T Mainer
Jennifer Hildebrand
Lindsay Ffrench
David Rubinstein
Amy Hearn
Venesa Vallese
Katie Allen
John Rogers
Jane Pawson
Sylvie Langlois
Teresa Chartrand
Christopher Carignano Vignetta
Jessica Bogues
Katherine Maas
Lee A. Colbeck
Irene Althot
Danielle Brouillette
Laura Malcolm
Norah Fraser
Kat Summerbell
BJ Trudel
Steve Kyer
Marie-Claire Laflèche
Karen Kalinowski
Helen Hoy
Teresa Gard
Rebecca Szathmary Robillard
Amanda Zuke
Gaetan Fleurent
Doug Peebles
Rebecca Graves
Harry Weaver
C W Brown
Laurie Mair
Isabelle J. Gruen
Alexa Veldhuizen
Ericbjorn Johnson
Ken Lamontagne
Chris Mills
Diana DePaul
Jennifer Dales
Kim Belanger-Mills
Catherine Mancini
Brad Armstrong
Sami Cat
Michaelle Brault
Andreea Bobaru
Ceallaigh S. MacCath-Moran
K Chung
Linda Russell
Allison Keeley
Liz Miller
Manon Charland
Hélène Jeannotte
Genevieve Beaulieu
Michele Fire-River Heart
Sherri Sage
Emil Lindgren
Nancy Dinsmore
Archer Swiggum
Alexander Silver
Anamaya Ember
Ingrid Sandra Wilkinson
David Rouleau
Adrian Bradt
Adele Villeneuve
Heewen Stagga
Justus Mediis-Tenebris
Janice Carlson-McLeod
Lori Webster
Lady Leslie Cabot Armstrong HPs
Michele Tomasini
Mother Bear
Kraka Gustafson
Ben Verhaevert
Hartley Bloomfield
Kate Large
Bobbi Fauth
Jodie Moote
Robert Connolly
Penny Young
Julie Anglehart
Dmitry Galtsin
Lilas Lemay
Jacob Daniel Ray
Jeri Zeutzius
Jason Robichaud
Kristin Donovan
Morgana Sythove
Glenna McAulay
TQ Blackthorn
Martina Georgieva
Deborah Snavely
Christine Cover
James Reinert
Yvonne Aburrow
Dennis Wright
Cam Kush
Agni Keeling
León Schröder
Kylee Feland
Adina Raceanu
Tracy Jones
Draoi O'Duibhginn
Keely Jade
Robin Wilgan
Lindsay McNeil
Patience Addley
Nicolaas Gillingham
mircaedes medhurst
reina jones
Cheslsea Heighton
Justin Sellars
Thora Dorn
Nancy Witchley
Lady trisha
Barry Feland
Tania Haqq
Carrie Duc
Lola Mystery
Moyra Mulholland
Mo Markham
Rev. Goði Brian C. "Sam" Haskell
Karen Wilcox-Gorman
Katherine Maas
Melissa Gold
Karen Wehrstein
Mike Rumak
Kenneth Tasa
Sparrow Anderson
Bee Zambonini
Emily Aitkin
Heather Oxman
Tamara Rose
Meri Fowler
Rya Cowperthwaite
Erin Picard
Michael efford
Nicole Nolan
Kimberley McCready
Anne Marie Kelly
Marlyn King
Brad Belisle
John mellish
Kathleen Mitchell
Nathalie Grand-Maitre
Linda Haggerstone
Kim Gelinas
Sue Muninni
Rachelle browning
Kim Morgan
Michelle (Dolphin) Leigh Marcicki
Emily King
Heidi MacDonald
kateri Blackwing
Andrew Self
Loran G
Julien Adrian Bilodeau
Gayle Helps
Erica Glaser
Magali cadieux
Krista Hold
Andreea Bobaru
Sara Witalis
kim therrien
Caroline Ouellette
Korine Van Uytfanck
Andrea Barnes
Natacha Lalande
Ann Gelineau
Cerridwen Hicks
Peter Lainas
Brianna Lightfeather
The Cauldron Radio
Bart Cormier
Marc Fedak
frances bitney
Brittany Bauer
Melissa Sagun
charlie peters
Brock Adams
Michele Pineau
Lizzie Davidson Dyer
Lianne Lavoie
Colleen McCarthy
Randi-Joe Plourde
Rae Metcalfe
Sokende Sanndru
Jacque Robertshaw
Nikki Featherstone
Sallyann Herbert
Karen Graumann
Ron Mart8n
Candy Morningway
Alesha Carson
Chuck Chapman
Heatherly Hartmann
Claudia Thompson
Katrina Thiessen-Beasse
Rhiannon Lynn Frost
Trina B
LéAmber Kensley
Kristie Virgoe
LouAnn Joyal
Kirsten Brooks
Christine E.
Rev. Angela Bowery
Cathleen Zoske
Gypsee Green
maureen morrish
Lee McFarland
Margaret Borle
Jan Derksen
Lora Hay
Dara Borg
Mike Braun
Wendy K. Harrison
Thomas Van Hook
Maranda Elizabeth
Maranda Elizabeth
Paulette Paquette
Drew Beaudoin
Sean Kozak
Sue Weare
Daniel Tapanes
Tamare White-Wolf
LeonaMarie Budd-Mishaw
Cindy Bothamley
Melissa VanLeeuwen
Bill Fryer
AIR Storm
Jennifer Deveaux-Gillis
Melanie Bruce
Mackenzie MArsh
John A Anderson, CD
Samantha grey wolf
Teresa Sliwinski
Crystal D'Alessandro
Liz Hearn
Kristina Young
Jen Rue Holmes
Kelly Moore
Patti Hirtle
Angela Day
Menescus Devorah
Jessica Jordan-Munn
Debi Skidmore
Brittany Smith
Mireille Pelletier
Josie Crwford
Divyesh Mistry
Stephanie Turgeon
Philip dunbar
Jake Flanagan
Amber Hunter
Phoenix Rose
Morgan Birch
Elena Swann
Stephanie Pilon
Deborah Grant
Sarah Koegler-Clarke
Kevin DeSilva
Samantha Van Zetten
Stacy Taylor
Snowdrop Sage
Heather Dawn
Aleksander Nikiel
Diane Boisvert
Lorraine Lunn
Tracey Bloomfield
Brian Chiasson
Monique Boulanger
Sarita Phoenix
Ryan Johnson
Tristan Peterson
Erin Seeds
The Heathen Underground
Dr. Maryanne Pearce
Kimberley Ann Forget
Clementine Morrigan
Kathaleen Groomes
Alexander Snow
Danielle Lafontaine
Stacy Douma
Shawna-Lee Dalziel
Vida Nazir
Patti Squires
Patricia Brown
Alison Storry
Rebecca Mortimer
Hayley Oosting
Shalom Lopez
Poppy Norlyn Underwood
Jeff Feltham
David Oliver Soucie
Deborah Hutchinson
Matthew Appignanesi
Elizabeth Dyer
Hazel Shearer

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